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Tips to Stop Your AC Freezing Up This Winter!

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Don't Freeze This Winter

While not everyone has encountered this problem yet, a freezing air conditioning unit is quite a common problem, especially during the winter months in our area of Azle and Fort Worth. If you want to prevent your AC freezing up, check out the tips provided by us below, which could save you a considerable amount in repair costs. There's nothing worse than your AC freezing, especially when you rely on it to heat you up during those winter months.

Always Check Refrigerant Levels

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One of the main causes of a frozen AC is a low refrigerant level; this can be cause by numerous things. There might be a leak in your air conditioning unit, or the refrigerant want not charged properly during the installation of your air conditioning.

When it comes to checking refrigerant levels and the installation of your air conditioning overall, it is a job that is best left to a professional. Making a mistake during this process could cause irreparable damage to your AC, so always call us if you believe there is an issue with refrigerant levels.

Check Your Air Filter

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Airflow could cause freezing of your air conditioner too. When there is a problem with the air filter, it could put unwanted pressure on air conditioning components. In fact, when airflow is disturbed, less air flow gets to the evaporator coil. When an insufficient amount of warmer air gets too this coil, the coil can freeze and thus your whole AC Freezes. Thus, it is important for homeowners to keep the air filter as clean as possible.

Incorrect Fan Speed

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As we mentioned earlier, proper airflow is important to prevent the evaporator coil from freezing. A dusty air filter could be the cause of a reduced airflow, but a low fan speed can also be a contributor to a frozen evaporator coil.

Adjusting the speed of the air conditioning fan is something that must be done by a professional. The airflow within an air conditioning system is delicate, so making incorrect adjustments could cause serious damage to your AC.

Get in the Professionals

Call Poe Air

When you suspect a problem with a frozen air conditioning unit, do not wait until the problem becomes visible. Once there is visible ice on an air conditioning unit, your system may already have suffered some significant damage. Thus, it is important to contact a professional as soon as you suspect an internal problem with your air conditioning unit.

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