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24 Hour AC Repair - 7 Reasons Why?

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24 hour ac repair
24 hour ac repair

Poe Air provides expert 24 Hour AC repair services, enabling you to get quick help for common and less common air conditioning problems. If you are curious about some of the problems you can hire our services for, be sure to check out our overview of common air conditioning problems and their causes.

  1. AC Leak
  2. Not Cooling
  3. Not Coming On
  4. Weird Noises
  5. Bad Smells
  6. No Heating
  7. Not Cooling Enough Even though It's Blowing Cool

My Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

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This is one of the most common problems you can encounter and one that will cause you to look for a 24 hour ac repair service near you. When your unit is starting to leak water, you can usually tell by drops of water around your system. You could also notice a small puddle of water around your air conditioning system.

There can be several causes for an air conditioner to leak water. One of the most common causes is a lack of maintenance, which in turn could cause secondary problems over time. It could also be a case of a failing condensation pump, which either has to be repaired or replace.

My Air Conditioning Is Not Cooling My Home I Need A 24 Hour Ac Repair Service

24 hour ac repair
Air Conditioning Not Cooling

If your home is not cooling down despite the unit being turned on, it could be caused by your air conditioning not cooling. There can be several causes for this; this includes a gas leak, problems with the pipework, or more.

During the repair process, an experienced technician will check your air conditioning system for leaks. He will also evaluate the pipes and remove any remaining moisture from the air conditioning system. Once this is done, new refrigerant is added to ensure your air-conditioning system is cooling properly.

My Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

Before calling in a 24 Hour AC repair technician, always check the fuse board to see if the fuse of your air conditioning has not tripped. If the fuse is in the on position, you can also check the so-called electrical isolator; this is usually situated next to your outdoor unit. However, if both the fuse and the isolator are switched on, then it is time to call in the experts.

In some cases, a failing power supply for your air conditioning is a simple repair. However, some cases may require replacement parts; this is why it is important to choose a good technician who can easily get these replacement parts for you and install them.

My Air Conditioning Is Quite Noisy

24 hour ac repair

If you have an outdoor unit, then you could encounter a noise problem if your system is a little older. In most cases, a simple replacement of the fan motor will do the trick. Evidently, this problem can also occur on the indoor unit, in which case the same fix will be recommended.

The fan motor might not be the only contributor to a noisy air conditioner system, as the condensation pump could be making some unwanted noise too. If the condensation pump is to blame, it usually has to be replaced; this because a noisy condensation pump is an indicator that the part is failing.

Please note that a noisy air conditioner is something that must be addressed immediately, as the problems described above could ruin your air conditioner completely. So, to avoid a hefty repair bill, it is best to contact your air-conditioning technician as soon as possible.

My Air Conditioning Is Producing A Bad Smell

This can be one of the more noticeable problems for homeowners. As soon as you turn the air conditioner on, the bad smell will start going around in your home. Evidently, this is a problem that can be caused by normal operation, as bad smells can accumulate on the cooling coils of the air conditioning system.

Bacteria tend to be attracted to water, and this is how bacteria tend to pile up around the cooling coils. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be easily addressed by an experienced technician and a range of cleaning products used by Poe Air.

To avoid a problem such as a bad smell, it is recommended to have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. During a servicing, our technician can clean out the system thoroughly. This will not only prevent a bad smell, but also other future problems.

My Air Conditioner Is Providing No Warmth

Many systems provide a combination of heat and cold. While your cooling system may be working fine, there can still be a problem with the heating system. If your heating system is not working properly, be sure that your system is set to heating. If this is not the problem, then another fix may be required.

One of the most common problems that could cause a lack of warmth is a shortage of refrigerant. There could also be a leak in your system, in which case you need an experienced technician to fix the problem.

The final contributor to a lack of heat could lay with the remote control. If your system has such a remote control, make sure that the batteries are working. Even when you believe they are still providing power, change them over for a new pair just in case.

My Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling Down My Home Enough

If your system is working, but is not cooling down your home properly, there could be problem as well. One of the easiest fixes is having your system maintained on a regular basis. As mentioned earlier, booking a maintenance at least once a year will solve this common problem.

A common cause of a less efficient air conditioning system is an accumulation of dirt and grime inside the air-conditioning system. In turn, this could cause reduced efficiency, but also lead to failing parts and other problems. Evidently, this is a completely preventable problem that can be remedied through a regular maintenance.

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