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What you need to know about Furnace Repair and Maintenance

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What’s worse than being snowed in during winter? Well, imagine if, at the same time, you are snowed in, your furnace fails, and now you have a furnace in need of repair. It's cold outside and worse inside as you have no heat coming from your system. Just imagine how you would feel!

As furnace repair service providers, we get asked a lot of questions about how to spot the warning signs of a furnace failure, and how to get it repaired. Here’s a selection of questions we often get and those answers that can help you recognize what to do or when to get help:

I was told my furnace had a life of 10 years when I first purchased it. It has only been a few years, and it is starting to fail.

Fort Worth and surrounding areas, like Azle, get the most snow in Texas because of their high elevation. Therefore, if your furnace breaks down, the last thing you want is to find yourself without heat in the middle of the winter. It is easy to neglect furnaces as they’re kept hidden in a separate room or location. It may only be a few years, but have you kept your system maintained?

While furnaces do last between 10 and 15 years, they can still get a bit under the weather if not maintained. If you find yourself in such a situation, there’s no need to worry.

It doesn't have to be challenging to find a furnace repair service. Let us walk you through the most frequently asked questions about furnace repairs.

The tell-tale signs of a furnace in need of repair

FAQ #1 - I don’t know what I should be looking for in my furnace. Can you help me figure out the warning signs of a furnace in need of maintenance and repairing?"

It's understandable that you wouldn't be able to recognize warning signs. Here’s a handy list of things to keep in mind:

  • Check your thermostat readings - The thermostat may be displaying incorrect information and not monitoring actual changes in temperature.
  • Dusty filters - The filters inside the furnace can catch dust if not cleaned and might be the reason for your furnace malfunctioning.
  • Furnace not turning on - Another warning sign that your furnace needs servicing.
  • Hot here, cold there - Are some parts of your house colder than others? That might indicate that the furnace isn't controlling temperature throughout the house

A furnace repair service might just be the need of the hour

furnace repair

FAQ #2 - "Ok, so I may have a problem and I need to find the right help?"

A heating system repair company that specializes in the repair and replacement of residential heating systems, will also be able to repair or replace your heating system. This service deals with both heating and cooling systems - systems that include furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, and ductwork.

All of these systems need maintenance, and you could suffer the consequences of bills you did not expect or plan for if you do not maintain your heating system.

Tips for choosing a reliable furnace repair service

FAQ #3 - "I’m having a hard time deciding on a reliable company. What do I need to know?”

Finding a reliable furnace repair service is challenging, especially if you are new to the area or you have been unsatisfied with the company you have been using. There are numerous options —so it’s understandably quite tough to determine which suits your needs. Perhaps you need to consider the following in selecting the right company to work with:

  • What’s your budget range?
  • What issues need to be resolved?
  • What would an estimated cost be to resolve those issues?
  • What experience does the company have?
  • Do their reviews stand up to scrutiny?
  • Do they have easy payment options?
  • Do they work with reputable brands?

The cost of repairs in Azle TX

FAQ #4 - "Seems like my furnace will need to be repaired. What could it cost?

Because of the high elevation, winters can be challenging in Azle, TX, and surrounding areas due to the snow and cold winds. To combat this, your furnace will need to be functional. While some furnace repairs are relatively easy and can be done yourself, many others are too complicated and require the attention of a certified technician.

What’s the cost of a furnace repair? You may ask... That depends on a variety of factors, including the type and complexity of repairs required.

Furnace repair costs also vary according to the type of furnace. Electric furnaces are quite reasonable to repair, but gas furnace repairs can cost you more, especially if there's significant work involved.

Take these preventative measures to avoid frequent furnace repairs

FAQ #5 - Can you give me some maintenance tips, so I do not run into problems?"

You don't want to pay for regular furnace repair as a homeowner. If you make sure your heating system is in good working order, you can prevent further problems.

Try using the following remedies to avoid frequent furnace repairs:

  1. Replace your filters at least once a month.
  2. Keep the furnace components dust-free.
  3. Call for professional maintenance at least once a year.

Nobody handles furnace repairs like Poe Air

We are based in Azle, TX. Therefore, we know the area and the weather. This means we have a good grasp of how the local environment can affect your system. We have developed one of the strongest reputations locally for our integrity and dedication to developing long-term relationships that last.

From furnace installations and repairs to HVAC installations and much more, you can count on us to take care of all your heating and cooling needs. At Poe Air, we provide homeowners with a fair estimate, reliable service, and also a bit of magic to keep you entertained.

Regardless of whether your furnace breaks in the middle of the night or on a holiday, Poe Air will be there for you. Remember you can trust the bear - Poe Bear. Call for Service and Support!

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