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Indoor Air Quality Is More Important Than Ever! And Here’s Why!

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The air we breathe is almost a given, which is why we never think about it too much. However, not only the air your breathe in the great outdoors is important, the air you breathe inside your house is important too. After all, poor air quality could have a negative influence on your health. Indoor Air Quality is important now more than ever.

Indoor Air Can Be Up To Five Times More Polluted

Did you know that indoor air can be five times more polluted than the air you breathe outside? While there are plenty of people talking about outdoor air pollution, not many are actually talking about the poor indoor air many households face.

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Research has shown that indoor air can contain up to a whopping 900 toxins! In addition to that, more than 81% of people is actually at risk of severe respiratory and dermatological problems due to poor air quality in the home. To make matters worse, figures released by the World Health Organization shows that 4.3 million people die annually from poor indoor air quality.

Many people spend a large proportion of their life indoors. If indoor air quality does not meet the required standards, spending your life indoors could have some serious health consequences. These health consequences can range from mild to severe, and can be aggravated by any underlying medical conditions.

Obviously, there are some tactics that can be used to reduce indoor air pollution. Some of these methods we will discuss next. Basic ventilation is a must for everyone, but the most effective method to improve air quality is installing a suitable air conditioning system. We will explain next how it all works.

Ensure Good Home Ventilation

Ensuring your home is properly ventilated is the first step towards good air quality in the home. Naturally, the most obvious choice in that regard is a good air conditioning system.

Indoor Air Quality
Air Quality

Many air conditioning systems are equipped with a filter these days that can remove pollutants and irritants from your indoor air. Of course, a good air conditioning system can also regulate humidity levels and temperature, making your home more comfortable overall.

What If I Don’t Know The Quality Of My Indoor Air?

If you believe your air quality is poor, you can request an indoor air quality test. There are many companies that provide such a test. There is also some DIY equipment that can be acquired to perform this test.

Even people with an air conditioning system inside their home can benefit from an indoor air quality test. For example, if you have an older air conditioning system, then it is possible that your air conditioning does not filter out all the pollutants inside the indoor air. By upgrading your air conditioner, you can enjoy better indoor air quality and overall good health.

Are you considering improving air quality in your home by installing an air conditioning system with in built air purification? Get in touch with the experts at Poe Air. Our experts can evaluate your indoor air quality and recommend a suitable air conditioning system for your home.

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