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Do I Need an Air Conditioning Upgrade?

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Air conditioning units should always be kept in pristine condition, as efficient air conditioning is more economical. But what are some of the reasons to update your air-conditioning unit? To find out, please read our overview below.

Make Your Air Conditioning More Energy Efficient

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One of the main reasons to upgrade your air conditioning unit is to make it more energy efficient. Outdated air conditioning units can use a heck of a lot of power, so it is often more economical to invest in a completely new air conditioner.

The best way to evaluate if your air conditioning unit is costing you too much in operation is by looking at your monthly utility bill. Compare the overall cost to the cost of some of the latest units. If the difference is quite significant, then it may be time to upgrade your air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning age can also make your air conditioning unit less efficient in terms of cooling power. If you find that your current air conditioner is not cooling down the rooms that need to be cooled, then an updated unit is certainly a good idea.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Has Not Been Serviced For Many Years

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An air conditioning unit should be serviced on a regular basis. If you do not get maintenance for your air conditioning regularly, then it is easy for your system to get faults and defects. It may even become less effective at cooling. If you obtain maintenance somewhere further down the line, it may already be too late. You may need new replacement parts that will cost you an arm and a leg. In these cases, it is better to buy a new unit.

You Have Expanded Your Home

Turning your home into a dream home often requires some work. In many cases, homeowners add an extension to their existing home to get the space they desire. Even though this is not a problem, homeowners often forget about their existing air conditioning system.

When you make your home bigger, it is quite natural that your air conditioning must be able to cope with such larger capacity. Some air conditioners may be able to cope, but most air conditioning systems are installed based on the size of the home in question. If this is the case for your old air conditioning system, then you will need to get a new one.

To ensure your air conditioning system meets the demands of your current home, it is a good idea to speak to an air conditioning technician. A technician can evaluate your home and determine which capacity will be required.

You Are Thinking About Selling Your Home

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A home with a decent air conditioning system will sell for a lot more than one without a good system. Of course, the age of the system could have an influence on the price. A new air conditioning system will also increase the price of your home, so investing in the latest option could increase your house price dramatically.

Your Location

Some areas in the United States are significantly hotter than others, and this is certainly something to take into consideration when upgrading your air conditioning unit. To get the most from your air conditioning, it is always best to have a technician evaluate your home. A technician can consider the current climate and recommend a system that is best for your needs.

You Are Having A Home Remodel

When you think about redecorating your home, it is the perfect time to get a new air conditioning system. Of course, you should only consider adding a new system if your current air conditioner is older than ten years.

You're Looking To Reduce The Maintenance Costs Of Your Air Conditioner

If you spend a lot of money on air conditioning repairs and maintenance on an annual basis, it may be time to look at a new system. By choosing a new system, it is less likely to break down or encounter some of the problems the older systems tend to have.

Evidently, a new air conditioning system will need far less maintenance on an annual basis. It will not need regular repair either, so you do not save only on operating cost, you also save on maintenance and repair costs!

A New Unit Is Simply Better

Technology does not wait for anyone, and this is certainly no different for air conditioning systems. Air conditioning manufacturers always come up with something new and more efficient; this certainly means it is a good idea to check the available options from time to time.

Lower Noise Emission

Some of the older air conditioning units can be quite noisy, so another reason for upgrading your air conditioning unit could be noise reduction. Of course, it is always a good idea to ask the advice of an experienced technician, who can recommend the quietest system that will meet your needs.

Allergen Removal

New air conditioning systems do not solely cool down the home, they also remove some of the allergens from the air. Dust, pollen, and other contaminants are just some of the things that a new air conditioning system can take care of. Air conditioning systems that remove allergens from the air are a good idea for asthma sufferers or those who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions.

Since new air conditioning systems remove allergens, they can influence the air quality in your home positively. With better air circulation and a reduced amount of allergens, anyone in the home can benefit.

Where Can I Find An Air Conditioning Upgrade?

If you think your home is ready for a new air conditioning system, you can get in touch with PoeAir for some professional advice and recommendations. Of course, we are also more than willing to help you with air conditioning repairs and maintenance. But asking yourself "Does My Air Conditioning Need Updating" probably means that it does.

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