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How Long Does An Air Conditioner Last?

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how long does an air conditioner last

A lot of air conditioner buyers have one main question: How long does an air conditioner last and how much life will i get out of this? As a heavy-duty, high-cost investment into your house, you might have the same question in mind! A new air conditioner can last anywhere between fifteen to twenty years, depending on quite a few factors. In fact, there are a few instances where an air conditioner may give out in ten years or less.

So how can you decide how long your air conditioner will go on and when it will give up the ghost? Furthermore, the brand of HVAC system that you choose will have a major impact on the time it lasts, remember, cheaper is not always better. Let's find out "how long does an air conditioner last" by following this simple guide.

Factors That Affect Your Air Conditioner Age

A few of the factors that affect air conditioners are:

Installation Of Your HVAC System

One of the biggest factors that affect the life and quality of your air conditioner is the way it was installed. Poor installation may mean the components of the air conditioner will give up faster, thus requiring you to change your air conditioner sooner than you want to. This is why you should always buy your air conditioner from a licensed dealer and ensure you get a licensed technician to install it!

Maintenance Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

When it comes to air conditioners, you can even make yours last longer than most (more than twenty years!) if you maintain it well! A bi-annual air conditioner tune up will ensure minor issues are sorted out quickly and if there is a need for any component replacement, it is carried out before the entire air conditioner system is affected. Again, it’s best to book a licensed technician (preferably the one who installed your air conditioner) to give it the tune up it lovingly requires!

how long does an air conditioner last

Operating Conditions

Air conditioners in cooler climates last longer than air conditioners in warm and humid environments. This is because cooler, less humid climates ensure that the air conditioning system works at optimum conditions and requires less maintenance than hot, humid climates which require not only greater power inputs but also constant changing of air filters and other moving parts.

Size of the Load

If you have a big house and a small air conditioning unit which is expected to supply the entire house, you’re looking at a unit which won’t run for over ten years. Also, if your home is too small and the air conditioning unit is very large and does not match the home load. The air conditioner will keep switching on and off in an attempt to maintain the required temperature. This will wear out the compressor much faster.

Ways To Make Your Air Conditioner Out Live Your Expectations

When it comes to making your air conditioner run well and last long, there’s only one thing you can do: treat it like your baby! Constant attention, regular tune ups, immediate resolving of any problems and regular clean-ups to remove any bugs or termites which might have entered into the air conditioner: Doing all of these helps keep your air conditioner running longer.

Another means to keep your air conditioner lasting longer is to give it breaks. It might be summer and you’re feeling very hot, but it helps to have it switched off when you’re not at home (or pre-programmed to switch on some time before you reach home). Having your air conditioner on 24/7 will not only decrease its power efficiency but also cause the system to shut down faster.

What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Needs Major Repairs

AC Repair

When we examine the question asked: How long does an air conditioner last?, we arrive at one possible answer: As long as the ac system is maintained well and current operating conditions and climatic conditions are favorable. Of course, this is in a perfect world, but we know and recognize that not everyone will maintain the air conditioning unit properly. When you reach a point a few years down the line when your air conditioner is showing signs of falling apart, it’s time to make a decision.

Your air conditioning system will need to be seen by an HVAC technician who will advise you on what needs to be done. If it needs a major overhaul where you’re spending a bulk of money to repair it (if the compressor is at the end of its life) and it has already reached up to 75 percent of its life expectancy (if it’s over twelve years old), you might want to get rid of it and spend the cash on a new one. This is because old air conditioners cost more to run as well as maintain. Also, as time goes by, the new air conditioners that hit the market provide greater value for your money with lower power requirements and greater efficiency.

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