10 Winter Tips for Your Fort Worth Home

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In some areas, especially Fort Worth, storms and extreme cold characterize the winter season, which is tough and dangerous for your health. We all know the time of the year, winter strikes, and it is never a surprise. Even though it is not a sudden occurrence, most of us are found unaware, resulting in untold suffering. Preparing your Fort Worth home for winter and the hazards it comes along with - paves the way to a safe, healthy and comfortable stay any time temperatures start falling. Winter temperatures are low in Fort Worth, Texas, you should, therefore, plan by considering the following winter tips.

fort worth home
Winterize your fort worth home

10 Winter HVAC Tips for Fort Worth Home Owners

As a resident of Fort Worth, preparing your house for the oncoming cold season will make your winter or holiday enjoyable. The rule of the thumb is preparing in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. Stay cozy throughout the winter season by taking the following tips carefully and with utmost keenness.

1. Winterize your Fort Worth Home

fort worth home
Prepare your fort worth home for winter temperatures

Winterizing is inexpensive, and in actual sense, you can do without seeking professional assistance. The best thing is that it winterizing your Fort Worth Home makes a whole lot of difference in making your winter enjoyable. The best time to winterize your HVAC system is a few weeks before the first freeze hits. Purchases a snow shovel and store water and food for your use. Clean the gutter and install debris guard to make keep off the dirt from the gutters. Examine the doors and the windows to see if they have gaps where warm air can escape. Apply weather stripping in the areas that have defects.

2. Have the heating system inspected

Schedule an inspection for the heating system with an HVAC technician to check if there are defects that might mess you up in winter. The technician should clean and optimize the furnace to make the heating system effective and to work at optimum levels during the cold season.

3. Equip yourself for emergencies

Prepare yourself for emergencies that are likely to strike during winter. For instance, what would you do if there is a power outage? Prepare for such by stocking food that does not need cooking or refrigeration. Make sure that your phone is fully charged at all times and keep track of weather forecasting. The emergency kit should be near at all times and should include battery-operated devices. Also, make sure you have legal documents and insurances at hand.

emergency preparedness

4. Protect the outdoor AC Unit

It is advisable to cover the outdoor AC unit now that you will not be using it in winter. Buy an outdoor component cover to keep the AC free from ice, snow, and buildup of debris. Check it regularly to ensure it is clear and not covered in ice. If it is, gently removes the ice build-up.

5. Invest in a programmable thermostat

Check and ensure that the thermostat is working and in good condition. Make sure to set it at lower temperatures at night and while away and high any time you are home. A programmable thermostat is excellent in setting the most efficient temperatures whether wintertime or in the hotter months. A thermostat that is efficient and programmable will save you money in the long run.

6. Trick the thermostat

fort worth home thermostat

This may or may not be an old wives' tale, but it has been known to be effective. If you are not able to invest in a programmable thermostat, trick it. Place ice water in a bottle near the thermostat to give the impression that the room is colder than it is. By doing this, the thermostat will be able to identify the room is too cold and will switch over onto the heating aspect of your HVAC system.

7. Use thick curtains for your windows

If the temperatures are extremely low, you wear heavy clothes. In a like manner, replace the thin curtains in the house with heavier ones. Heavy curtains will help retain warm air inside the house and also act as adequate layered protection in keeping cold air outside.

8. Keep the car ready

It is always good to keep the car maintained and ready slightly before winter so you have it in an emergency situation. Service the car's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Service the radiator and ensure that you maintain the antifreeze level, and replace the tire thread with snow tires. Always ensure that the fuel tank is full to keep it free from ice.

9. Dress Properly

Now, this may sound silly, but you will be amazed at how many people do not dress properly for the season. After making your house well prepared for winter, make sure that you dress properly. Clothe yourself, leaving no surface unexposed because the heat gets lost through such a surface, therefore clothing yourself in layers - rather like an onion effect will help you to keep warmer and this also goes for your home in winter.

10. Turn the Ceiling Fan at low frequency

When the air gets warm, it rises to the ceiling. Putting on the fan at the lowest setting helps push the warm air downwards where you can feel it.


No one can control nature, but you must learn to adapt to changes in weather conditions. You can only be ready for winter if you prepare adequately. You won't regret if you follow ten winter HVAC tips for Fort Worth provided in the article